just a ride

97 min
English, Dutch, Arabic, French
with: Arabi Ghibeh, Manon Hanraets
director: Craig M. Stott
producers: Manon Hanraets, Craig M. Stott
status: post-production

New faces in Europe, new narratives. A bridge between two peoples emerges and binds them. Everybody equal in the quest for joy & experience.

Autumn 2018, a team of five - camera, sound, direction, two actors - arrive in the Mediterranean to begin principal photography. Filming continues thereafter in Holland through Summer 2019. Simplicity and efficiency is the ethos. A no-fuss approach to filmmaking. Basic equipment, less formality. 

Everybody contributes honestly to finding the most authentic, unadorned way of telling this story. Cooperation, egalitarianism, kinship & experimentation connect an international team together.

Just a Ride is produced and self-funded by the filmmakers working in bars and restaurants, laying grass, selling shoes etc. The film is currently being formed in post. Crafted on a micro budget, without a single grant or commission, proudly independent in nature. 

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