just a ride

97 min
English, Dutch, Arabic, French
with: Arabi Ghibeh, Manon Hanraets
director: Craig M. Stott
producers: Manon Hanraets, Craig M. Stott

The sudden influx of refugees in Europe has created a polarising debate full of many contradictory facts and self-serving fantasies.  The filmmakers were never interested in hype and headlines. In bringing faces and names to the narrative, a bridge between two people emerges and binds them, and society at large, together in the equalising nature of human experience.

In autumn 2018, the team of five people, including actors, arrived in the Mediterranean for principal photography. Filming occurred thereafter in Amsterdam. Minimalism and efficiency is the production ethos. A no-fuss approach to filmmaking with minimal equipment and formality. 

The group of young creatives come from various countries and backgrounds and did not know each other prior to them working and living together whilst making this film. There was no hierarchy. No traditional role divisions. Everybody contributed equally to finding the most truthful way to tell the story in a spirit of cooperation, experimentation and creativity.

Just a Ride is produced and self-funded by the filmmakers working in bars and restaurants, laying artificial grass, selling designer shoes etc etc. Photography, editing, sound-mixing, colour-grading and music clearances have been completed on a micro budget without a single grant, commission nor public fund.

The end result is a raw and refreshing piece of cinema that proves worthy stories do not need endless resources to tell. The filmmakers hope to inspire other creators to pursue their own dreams and visions! Just a Ride will now find its way to its first festival audiences.

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